We are deeply saddened, but GC United will be unable to offer a fall soccer season this year.
Unfortunately, we have run into too many obstacles this season and do not have the volunteers necessary.
Please contact us if you have an interest in volunteering for Spring season.

Parents Resource

  • Let the children play without fear of making a mistake.

  • Remember this is a CHILD’s game.

  • Development of the child’s skill and understanding of the game comes FIRST and WINNING IS SECONDARY.



     The COACHES for both teams

     The REFEREE and THEIR interpretation of the RULES even if they make a MISTAKE

Click Here for GC United Parents Code of Conduct

Things to Remember as a Parent:

1. Do not coach team players, including your own child, from the sidelines during the game.

2. Respect the judgment of the referee and do not criticize officials.

3. Focus on the player developing and mastering the skills of soccer.

4. Decrease the pressure to win.

5. Help enforce that soccer’s primary value is to allow youth the opportunity for self-development.

6. Understand the risks of the game.

7. Communicate with the coach and create a positive working relationship.

8. Understand and respect the difference between parental roles and soccer coaching roles.

9. Control negative emotions and expressions.  WWJD

10. Avoid the use of fear.  Love of soccer is rarely fostered by the fear of failure.

11. Show empathy for the soccer player and be encouraging.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy with regards to the above GC United Soccer Club Values


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